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Record Store Day 2015

Episode Summary

Our pilot episode focuses on our 2015 Record Store Day releases, with previews of the 'Shogun Assassin' soundtrack, an interview with Willie Nelson & Daniel Lanois about 'Teatro,' and a segment on the LITA zine.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the Light In The Attic Podcast pilot episode! We are so excited to finally be presenting this new format to you all. In our first episode, we discuss our Record Store Day 2015 releases. Episode 2 will be out in May and will focus on one of our most recent releases, 1984 folk album Songs From Suicide Bridge with guest Sam Sweet.

Your Hosts:

Matt Sullivan (founder and co-owner of LITA)

Jackie Allen (LITA editorial & social media coordinator)

This Week’s Guest:
Lydia Hyslop (LITA Girl Friday, zine editor, and filmmaker)


Record Store Day is April 18th, 2015 at your local shop!

In Los Angeles, there will be a midnight showing of Shogun Assassin at Cinefamily on Record Store Day.

In Seattle, LITA will be DJing and selling some of our RSD wares at Populuxe Brewery starting at 3pm on RSD.

Relevant Links:

The Light In The Attic Website

Our blog post about our Record Store Day releases

Shogun Assassin release page

Willie Nelson’s Teatro release page

Zine release page - check out that picture of Sugluk!

Native North America release page (the comp. that Sugluk is featured on)

The LITA Podcast is supported by our friends at Gnar Tapes. Check out their podcast Gnar FM TGIF Podcast and the new Gnar Burger Shop in Highland Park, LA.

The Shogun Assassin Trailer

Music From The Episode:

Intro Song: “Highways” by Jim Sullivan from UFO

[Song in Shogun Trailer] “Lone Wolf’s Theme” from Shogun Assassin

Shogun Assassin song preview “Eyes of a Demon”

First Teatro song preview “Ou Es-Tu, Mon Amour (Where Are You, My Love)”

Second Teatro song preview “I Never Cared For You”

Outro Song “Fall Away” by Sugluk from Native North American Vol. 1


Mastering by the amazing Patrick McCarthy (LITA Project Manager/Producer)

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