The Light In The Attic Podcast: Stories Behind The Music

Haruomi Hosono

Episode Summary

Matt Sullivan and Yosuke Kitazawa sit down with Haruomi Hosono for a casual conversation about his recent shows in London and Brighton, as well as our upcoming Hosono Archival Series.

Episode Notes

Another highlight from our recent trip to England was getting to sit down with legendary artist Haruomi Hosono. LITA's Matt Sullivan and Yosuke Kitazawa were able to chat with Hosono before his concert at The Old Market (Brighton, UK) and discuss his recent show at London's Barbican as well as our upcoming series focused on Hosono's albums.

Excerpts from "Bara To Yaju" and "Malabar Hotel Upper Floor ยทยทยท Moving Triangle" (courtesy of King Record Co. Ltd.). are featured in the podcast, as is "Pom Pom Joki," recorded live at the Barbican (courtesy of Medium Inc.).

Recorded by Matt Sullivan
Edited and Mixed by Patrick McCarthy

Learn more about our Haruomi Hosono Archival Series below and be sure to check out our short doc on YouTube.

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